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For School, Teachers, Parents & Students

Simplified Administration

Our solutions are designed with all users, regardless of their IT skills, in mind and thus feature user-friendly interfaces. They simplify processes, making it easy to add or remove courses, control user options and controls, import or export files, and perform a host of other administrative functions.

Personalization of learning

Lecturers can adopt a student-centered pedagogical model and shift focus on each learner’s needs. In other words, it enables lecturers to create unique learning paths for students and deliver content that offers tailored learning experiences.

Easy tracking and reporting

Lecturers can access data such as course download statistics, completion reports, course activities, student performance data and learning path statistics, allowing them to pinpoint gaps in student knowledge and take remedial measures to improve performance. The data also uncovers the shortcomings in the courses, which can be addressed to improve teaching effectiveness.

Save Valuable Time

Marking exams or grading students can be accelerated as checking objective tests becomes an automated process.

Improved performance

Our Digital Learning tools & technology enable students to develop effective self-directed learning skills. They also allow for personalized attention for each student which helps in improving individual performances significantly.

Increased engagement & Interactivity

Our solutions are designed to help sidestep the boredom of conventional classrooms. Our technologies improve students’ engagement in the learning process, and help them become less dependent on the lecturers.

Flexibility and accessibility

With our CLMS technology, lecturers can leverage different pedagogical approaches such as blended learning, storytelling, and social learning. In addition, we provide numerous options on how to learn like videos, games, webinars, and virtual classrooms

Better involvement for Parents

Our LMS system provides clearly defined roles for users, including parents. The parent can also use the mobile app to access their child’s performance, attendance, and also communicate with the teacher or other parents, strengthens the parent, teacher and student relationship, keeping learners on track towards better performance.


Highly qualified and trained staff is available to support onsite and remotely, To facilitate faculties and students for their unstopped fun learning journey