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American Lycetuff DNK School System is on the road to Digital Transformation

The American Lycetuff School System has taken a dynamic leap on the road to Digital Transformation through its collaboration with KidsLoop Pakistan, an all-in-one education ecosystem that offers Content and Learning Management Services (CLMS) with interactive lessons and real-time engagement with students through its advanced AI-driven platform and Student Mobile App

Kidsloop is an affordable, all-in-one CLMS powerhouse that allows educators to easily create, curate, and deliver lesson activities, assignments, and assessments. Campus administrators, principals, and teachers can all track student progress and performance using KidsLoop’s AI reporting. With real-time data at their fingertips, teachers can now make informed teaching decisions.

Teacher's Orientation sessions at American Lycetuff DNK School System

Pakistan EdTech Summit KidsLoop (Case Study) By Dr. Zuhair Ahmed