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An End-to-End Education Solution

We bring your content to your target learners quickly and easily and give you the data insights you need to maximize engagement.

  • Informationalize your content
  • 4D content
  • Holistic Education

Publishers & Adaptive Learning

Streamline your content life-cycle management by finding which content is the most engaging and effective at a reasonable cost.

Data Collection

Tag your content for easy searchability and to help inform our data collection and reporting algorithms. Tagging your content helps us report back to you on what types of activities get the most user engagement.

Content Digitization

Take advantage of our easy-to-use interactive templates to transform your analog content into digital content.


See how we have animated and digitized our own Badanamu ESL and STEAM content.

Kidsloop Pakistan Library

Take advantage of our existing content available, designed exclusively for UKNC, OUP, CUP and SNC

Expand Your Reach

We have clients all around the globe. Let us help you deliver your curriculum digitally to your existing clients and break into new markets!

Educators around the world have embraced KidsLoop

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Digitized content makes blended
learning easier for our partners.

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