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For Parents and Students

What’s Amazing

Keep up to date on assignments, collaborate with your school and teachers, and engage with supplementary activities to get the most out of your educational experience!


Parents, Students, and Adaptive Learning

Adaptive Learning gives you insight into how your child
learns and provides recommendations for content specifically tailored to their
strengths, weaknesses, goals, and learning style.


We Keep Parents in the Loop

We help parents stay up to date on their student’s progress. With a diverse range of options for delivery, parents can have peace of mind that their children are still receiving a quality education, even when they can’t physically attend school.


Engagement & Interactivity

KidsLoop utilizes a web-based technology that allows teachers to create fun, interactive content that will make online/blended learning more enjoyable. Students can learn while interacting with the teacher and with their peers.


Personalized Recommendations

Attach learning outcomes and objectives to specific activities or lesson plans, and get personalized recommendations based on performance


KidsLoop Student App

Download the KidsLoop student app for iOS or Android. The app can be used on your mobile device or tablet to attend remote classes and complete assignments.


Data-backed Reports

Our data and analytics help you stay on top of your student’s progress. Reports will keep you informed of achievements and engagement. Data-backed reports help demonstrate your child’s progress using empirical evidence.